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Peterhead Community Council

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The Peterhead Community Council

The Community Council represent the views, take action in the Interests of the Community of Peterhead.

Community councils were created by the local goverment act 1973 Scotland. We are meant to bridge the gap between local authorities, governing bodies, so the people of Peterhead and its surrounding areas have a say.

We need your help

The peterhead community council have various roles:

  1. Campaigning on local issues
  2. Representing other community council with other organisations
  3. Taking to the streets/events discussing the issues in the area with the community
  4. Conducting local surveys
  5. Statutory Body for public consultation on Planning and Licensing.
  6. To represent and provide a platform for public views.

All correspondence should be directed to the Secretary of Peterhead Community Council: or

All face-to-face meetings of Peterhead Community Council have been postponed due to public health restrictions. All meetings be held virtually therefore please get in touch with us using the contact details above should you wish to receive an invite to observe the meeting or to bring up an issue you would like to be raised to the local council at the next meeting.

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Stop moaning on social media platforms, get in touch with us, let us see what we can do together, discuss, inform and bring it to the attention of the local authorities. Lets get the biggest town in Aberdeenshire with the biggest economy in Aberdeenshire back to where it once was, and where it deserves to be.


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With the aim of helping as many people as possible, we always lack enthusiastic volunteers. Please contact us for more info.

Your Peterhead Community Council Members.

Paula Massie Secretary Feel free to get in touch!

James Whitham Vice Chair

Stefan Girling Social Media / Website / PR @PeterheadCommu1

Juliet Grant